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Latent Design Defects: Hard to Detect, Hard to Remedy

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

Good design practices incorporate both aesthetic and functional considerations, as well as factors such as structural soundness and long term maintenance requirements. Overlooking or disregarding any of these elements may constitute negligence or failure on the part of the architects, designers, or engineers involved in a building project to recognize and disclose risks associated… Read More »

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Engineers Reconstruct Water Main Break in Boston

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

Too often, design firms, contractors, and construction managers cut corners, making poor decisions in the interest of saving time or money or both. In other circumstances, they may be negligent and simply fail to recognize that something is being done incorrectly. A case in point; after a year of investigation, engineers determined that the… Read More »

When the Levee Breaks: Damage Caused by Floodplain Development & Faulty Dams

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

Along with catastrophic earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes that have caused substantial devastation in recent years, flooding along the East Coast and in the Midwest constitutes additional evidence of what seems to be an epidemic of severe weather wreaking havoc around the world. Many believe such phenomena is Mother Nature’s reaction to years of abuse… Read More »

Pedestrian Walkways Unfit for Walking

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

When we think of bridge collapses, the wreckage resulting from large automobile-carrying bridge failures likely comes to mind, such as the horrific scene following the I-35 Mississippi River Bridge collapse in 2007. However, bridge engineering design and construction flaws have also led to catastrophic accidents on elevated pedestrian walkways. One of the most famous… Read More »

Construction Defects May Lead to Destruction on the Vegas Strip

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

After spending at least $279 million, MGM Resorts International recently announced its intention to implode the Harmon Hotel, a boutique-style destination hotel that was to be a highlight of the CityCenter entertainment complex that opened on the Las Vegas Strip in 2009. The decision is based on what MGM says are serious and fundamental… Read More »

Land Development Engineers Should Always Plan for Human Activity

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

Land development – altering the landscape from its natural or present state – can be accomplished for any number of reasons, from agriculture to housing to commercial development. Land development engineers are typically an integral part of this process, addressing design issues in street grading, paving, and storm sewers, in addition to the overall… Read More »

Built According to Standards

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

Hindsight is 20/20, and hopefully the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in Japan last March will prove to be more a valuable learning experience than a finger-pointing exercise. But already a report issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency, in the first outside review of the nuclear meltdown, has criticized Japan for… Read More »

Minor Errors Cause Major Problems

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

Boston’s Big Dig is a decades-long multi-billion dollar construction project creating among other things a series of tunnels to reroute traffic through a Central Artery Tunnel. Such a massive construction effort is not without risks, or mistakes. In July 2006, a concrete ceiling panel in the I-90 Connector Tunnel collapsed onto a vehicle, killing… Read More »

Idaho Water Rights Likely to Create Conflict Between Irrigation and Municipal Needs

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

In Hailey, Idaho, looming changes to the state’s water rights administration may make city wells vulnerable to downstream irrigators.  Hailey relies on three sources for its municipal water supply: Hiawatha Canal, Indian Creek Springs, and seven local wells.  A change to conjunctive water rights management, which is likely to be enacted within five years,… Read More »

Tram Accident at Houston Airport Raises Safety Protocol Questions

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

One airport construction worker was killed and another was seriously injured after an automated tram struck the men at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas. Maria Zuniga Ranjel, the wife of victim Juan Manuel Cordero, filed a lawsuit against Continental Airlines and the City of Houston in November 2010. In her complaint, Ranjel seeks… Read More »

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