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Recent Blog Posts

Preventing Structural Failures through Human Intervention

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

Most of the structural disasters we have looked at in past blogs were caused by numerous factors, from the choice to use inferior building materials to inspection failures to design miscalculations. Regardless of the direct cause of the disaster at issue, however, many of these structural failures could have been avoided if someone working… Read More »

Land Surveyors’ Contractual Obligations

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

Back in December, we discussed how land surveyors may be liable to property owners for damages caused by their negligence or mistake based on breach of duty rather than breach of contract. This does not mean, however, that land surveyors are not required to enter into a contractual relationship with their clients. Today, we’ll… Read More »

Disclosing & Accounting for Seismic Hazard Zones in California

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

A few months ago, we discussed soil liquefaction (the failure of water-saturated soil) in regard to building on areas of landfill. This month we will go into more depth about certain statutory precautions the state of California has taken to counter the structural damage that can occur when possible soil liquefaction is not properly… Read More »

The Duty to Repair Defects & Damages

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

In the first post today, we talked about water intrusion and the preventative measures that must be taken by developers, contractors, and builders to avoid high moisture levels in homes. We also mentioned that one element of the complaint made by Sunset Crossing homeowners’ association against the developer of their townhome complex was failure… Read More »

Construction Defects May Lead to Water Intrusion, Mold and Other Serious Consequences

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

In November, a homeowners’ association in Lake Oswego, Oregon filed a $5 million lawsuit against the developers of Sunset Crossing, a community of luxury townhomes. As reported last month by The Oregonian, the homeowners are suing over claims that construction defects have led to water intrusion and structural damage to their townhomes, which were… Read More »

Professional Negligence Actions Requiring Certificates of Merit

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

With the goal of discouraging frivolous lawsuits against licensed professionals, many states, including California, have enacted legislation requiring plaintiffs to file affidavits or certifications of merit showing that they have a valid legal claim against the would-be defendant. Some states require an expert to issue the certification; others require the plaintiff’s attorney to consult… Read More »

Land Surveyor Mistakes are Almost Always Costly

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

Homeowners, business owners, city planners, architects, engineers, and contractors all rely on the findings of land surveyors when undertaking almost any type of construction or building project or when buying and selling property. When land surveyors make mistakes, even seemingly minor miscalculations can result in serious and expensive problems for all parties involved. A… Read More »

Setting the Stage for Tragedy: Causes of Temporary Structure Collapses

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

Over the years, holding special events outdoors has become increasingly popular, from backyard weddings to the Bonnaroo Music Festival. But while many property owners have the space to hold an event, they may not have the permanent structures necessary to accommodate their needs or the needs of attendees. In such cases, event hosts may… Read More »

Building on Shaky Ground: the Danger of Constructing Homes on Landfill

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

When we hear the word “landfill,” most of us think of a designated site where waste is disposed of and buried. However, a landfill may also refer to ground that has been filled in with rocks and sand or soil rather than waste materials, so that it can be used for a specific purpose,… Read More »

Unsafe Decks Duck Building Code Requirements

By Engineering Expert Witnesses |

Most local building codes follow the International Building Code, which requires that decks, porches, and balconies be able to support a live load of 40 pounds per square foot in addition to the “dead load” that the structure must bear. The dead load is the weight of the structure itself. Despite these requirements, Frank… Read More »

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